Miramichi Kinsmen Sunday Night Radio Bingo

Posted By on June 14, 2021

Kinsmen Sunday Night Bingo on Rewind 95.9 FM!
All regular games are $200 and our jackpot starts at $5000.
Loonie bins grow each week!
Cards can be purchased at the list of retailers below.

Games: 7 games to be played – $200 prizes on all games excluding the Jackpot.

  1. 1 Line or 4 corners
  2. Any 2 Lines
  3. Letter “X”
  4. All Around the Free
  5. Any 2 Lines with Wild Ball
  6. 1 Line or 4 corners
  7. Jackpot Game – Full card – played on the same card as above. Jackpot starts at $5000 and is won in 50 numbers or less. Consolation prize is $500. Jackpot increases by $100 per week.

Locations to Purchase Bingo Books

  • Kingston’s Petro locations (Newcastle, Douglastown, Chatham, Hwy 11)
  • N&J Convenience
  • City Limits Convenience
  • Family Convenience
  • Papa Joe’s Convenience
  • Sunny Corner Irving
  • Route 118 Convenience
  • Nine Pine Convenience


  1. Winning cards must be verified before the game is closed.
  2. Winners can pick up their cheques at N & J Convenience in Newcastle.
  3. Bingo cards are only valid for the week they are purchased.
  4. In the event of cancellation, cards will be played the following week.
  5. Games will be played with corresponding colour announced before each game.
  6. Caller will call the numbers in 15 second intervals.
  7. Winners will call 622-9590.
  8. Cards are verified by reading the number in the free space. If the phone line is busy, keep calling as there may be multiple winners.
  9. Once the game is announced closed, there will be no more cards accepted for verification.
  10. In the event of multiple winners, prize amount for the game will be divided equally. The minimum prize will be $50.
  11. Card sales will stop as soon as the bingo starts at 7:00pm.
  12. Playing on the internet will result in a delay. It is advised to play on the radio.

New bingo cards will be available Tuesday afternoons.

Must be age 16 or older to play.