Miramichi Kinsmen First Annual Trivia Night

Posted By on March 4, 2018

On February 24th 2018. The Miramichi Kinsmen hosted the first annual Trivia Night Challenge. A night filled with trivial questions and eager participants ready to answer,competing for the grand prize of a Keg party,donated by Mike’s Bar & Grill and $200.00 dollars worth of appetizers bought by the Miramichi Kinsmen. The night was hosted by local radio power duo Paddy Quinn and Darcy McLaughlin from 95.9 Sun FM. The First Annual Trivia Night was a huge success with 14 registered teams, 15 companies who donated amazing prizes and 9 companies who sponsored tables! Truly an amazing night filled with categories such Lights! Camera!! Diddly-Doodly ACTION JACKSON!!!(Pop Culture) and How’s Chi’ Going? (Miramichi Based Questions) The crowd was ready to test their knowledge and have an amazing night.

Fellow Kinsmen worked together to prepare meals and with the gracious help from Michele Bushey-Joe and the women of suicide prevention in serving our participants throughout the night.Kinsmen First Annual Trivia Night was created to support local charities, but to also assist Michele Bushey-Joe and her the group from suicide prevention to bring a guest speaker to talk about their cause.

Fellow kinsmen cooked up a storm to conquer appetites throughout the night, a mixture of spinach dip in a bread bowl, sauced wings and dressed up potato skins.

The night was filled with laughter and applause as our host delivered question after question throughout the night until we finally came down to the last round and our first annual trivia night winner was announced! Congratulations to ” OMG We Need A Team Name” for winning the First Annual Trivia Night Challenge!

Second & Third Place winners were “Suck It Trebeck” & “The Foxes And The Hounds” We also like to thank all those who participated and we look forward to seeing you next year!

We would like to thank our amazing hosts for taking the time out of their busy schedules to lend their amazing talents and assist us with our First Annual Trivia Night Challenge, Thank you Paddy Quinn & Darcy McLaughlin.

We would also like to thank our all amazing sponsors who donated prizes: Mike’s Bar and Grill, Downtowns Miramichi, The Pound, Allen Paquet & Arseneau LLP, Maximum Rep Fitness, Telus, Miramichi Timberwolves, Guy Richard, The Den, Car-Quest Miramichi, Garwa Sales Ltd, Napa Miramichi, Miramichi Speed and Custom, Trevor’s Hyundai, River City Fitness and Sunny Corner Enterprises.

Thank you to the amazing businesses of Miramichi who also sponsored tables Myles-Gerrish Financial Group, Kapusta, Miramichi Meat, Glamour, Mike’s Bar and Grill, Sykes, River City, Allen Paquet & Arseneau LLP, Eastern Tile & Carpet, Miramichi Honda

A big thank you to Michele Bushey-Joe and the women of suicide prevention for being amazing servers and taking charge of the night! We cannot thank you enough!

The First Annual Miramichi Kinsmen Trivia Night was a huge success and we would like to thank all our fellow kinsmen for helping, Michele Bushey-Joe and the women of suicide prevention,those who participated and to all our sponsors. Once again, Thank you from The Miramichi Kinsmen.