Awards for the 2015-16 Kin Year

Posted By on June 17, 2016

This past Thursday we gave out our annual club awards. Congratulations to all winners, you make our club proud! Thanks to Kin Dan Bradford for preparing the awards and presenting them.

The Ken MacDonald Memorial Kinsmen of the Year — Kin Michael Loggie
Awarded to Kinsmen who best exemplifies the aims of the association.

Kinsmen of the Year

Kinsmen of the Year

Rookie of the Year — Kin Scott Hems
Awarded to a new Kinsmen who best exemplifies the fellowship and service aspects of the association.

Awards 15-16 Kinsmen of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Kin Louis Gallant Memorial Award — Kin Tom King
Awarded to the Kinsmen, who like Kin Louis Gallant, best exemplifies the qualities of unselfish service to the community.

Awards 15-16 Louie Gallant Memorial

Louie Gallant Memorial

Kiniative Award — Kin Richard Butler
Awarded to a Kinsmen who, having been a member of the club for at least two (2) years prior, displays or shows a resurgence of commitment to the club.

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